Mourning woman crop 2bwCortege 2308 orig straightened 900 cropIn all my current pieces a real or imagined event is translated into an installation. The underlying ideas, which are common to all, emerge as physical features which shape the installation; arranged along a dominant extended 2D plane, a rotating wheel drives, via a simple mechanism, an oscillating final “action”.  E.g., Cortege takes a real event, the carrying of Saint Francis’ body to Assisi.  In the installation the wheel drives the to and fro of legs and the up and down of wings, the “action”.  The sense of rigid containment – nothing moves sideways – and inconsequential nature of the “action” – no-one moves – is also common to all the current pieces.  In a similar way the sculptural elements are “limited” by 2D plans and templates or built from essentially 2D materials, lined up along the dominant plane.  More About

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