First model for Cortege installationFirst model for Cortege installationFirst model for Cortege installation - detail

First model for Cortege installation

” ….. the friars carried the coffin above which a crow was seen flying.  Toward the end of is life Francis made friends with a jackdaw or crow ….. it was fiercely loyal to him.  It sat next to him at meals and came on his visits to the sick; when he died it followed his coffin to San Giorgio, refused to leave or eat and very soon died too.”    ADRIAN HOUSE,  Francis of Assisi

Installation   Eight life size figures in double file; two women are followed by four men, who carry the body; then two more women.  A crow flies behind.

These figures, height 150 mm, are not intended as “representations”, but, like the ushabti of Egyptian tombs, as functional beings in themselves.  This also applies to the figures for the half size model and to all the other figurative work on the website.

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